Marcus Strickland - New York, NY - 2014 (The Jazz Standard)

Roy Hargrove - San Francisco, CA (Yoshi's Jazz Club)

Maurice Brown - Milwaukee, WI - 2007 (Pabst Theater)

Nicholas Payton - Milwaukee, WI - 2009 (Pabst Theater)

Pat Metheny - Milwaukee, WI - 2007 (Riverside Theater)

Al Jarreau - Milwaukee, WI - 2005 (Northern Lights Theater)

Gilbert Castellanos - 2007 - San Diego, CA (Dizzy's Jazz Club)

B.B. King - Milwaukee, WI - 2008 (Riverside Theater)

David Fiuczunski - Toronto, ON - 2007 (2007 Toronto Jazz Fest)

Jazz Music Organization (JMO)

The Jazz Music Organization (JMO) is an alliance of professional photographers that are dedicated to doing their part in preserving the legacy and art form of jazz music through photography. There have been many great jazz photographers over the years that have provided us a glimpse into the past of the jazz greats that built the foundation of what jazz is today. As photographers, we capture the photos that future generations will look to in order to understand who and what made up the foundation of jazz. May jazz live forever through our work!